Flinders Ranges National Park 'Seasonal Events'

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Flinders Ranges National Park 'Seasonal Events'


Flinders Ranges National Park 'Seasonal Events'

The spectacular Flinders Ranges, in northern South Australia, is an area of great environmental and geological significance and haunting beauty.   From majestic mountains, towering cliffs and deep channels carved by water... to endangered flora and fauna and the fossilised remains of yesteryear, the Flinders Ranges is well worth considering as a holiday destination.

As added value, during the Autumn and Spring school holidays (SA & Vic) the 'Seasonal Events' are held.

Flinders Ranges National Park eventsCovering all kinds of spheres of interest such as astronomical telescope evenings, tours, walks, horse riding, shearing demonstrations, scenic flights, slide shows and talks, kids activities and more there is something for everyone in these school holiday activities... and it's definitely not just for the kids!

Organised by the Friends of the Flinders Ranges National Park volunteer group, activities are run by Friends members, Wilpena staff and local stations such as Rawnsley Park.  Bookings are required for most events (see programme info for details), and the fees range from a gold coin donation up to the kind of prices you would expect for scenic flights, however most activities are priced affordably for families.

If you would like to join the Friends of the Flinders Ranges National Park please come and chat with us in the Events Booking Tent at Wilpena during the Events, or contact the group.

For a truly immersing experience in an environmental wonderland, why not make the Flinders Ranges your next holiday adventure!

Information about the 'Seasonal Events' activities can be found below,
with full program in this PDF > Flinders Ranges National Park Seasonal Events

Spring Events Activities 2015 Include:

Discover the Wonders of the Night Sky

Come and enjoy viewing the night sky through a telescope in the Flinders Ranges where the clear air and dark conditions allow for the most marvellous sights of the universe.

Old Wilpena Wanderings

Join us for a guided tour of the wonderfully preserved Old Wilpena station. Explore the fascinating out-buildings, English garden, graveyard and pet cemetary. Includes fun interactive activities for the kids!

Rock'n Fossil Fun

Discover what pre-historic life lived in the Flinders Ranges.. and beyond! Create a dinosaur magnet, 'Dig' for your own dinosaur and even operate our robotic dinosaur! Ages 5+ 

...and so much more .. check the FULL ACTIVITIES PROGRAM in the PDF -- >  Flinders Ranges National Park Seasonal Events

Flinders Ranges National Park Events

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