Free Sustainable Garden Design Workshop Salisbury South Australia

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Free Sustainable Garden Design Workshop Salisbury South Australia


Free Sustainable Garden Design Workshop
Salisbury, South Australia

This event has now been held.  Post-event round-up below.  We will publish the next of these events as soon as the information becomes available.

The Sustainable Garden Desing Workshop, held on February 18th 2012, was well attended, by a large group of obviously very interested people, mostly from the Salisbury Council area.

The first speaker of the day was Mark Caldicott, from the Norwood Garden Centre, who is also involved in the Radio 5AA Garden Show.

His session was called 'Environmentally Responsible Gardening' and was full of useful information.  The topics he covered in some depth were Observation, Soil, Climate, Water, Feeding, Pests and Diseases, Plant Selection, Sharing and Caring.  He gave us an overall view of each of these areas from a sustainable perspective, plus some practical tips we can put into practice along the way.

Morning tea was next, with a chance to stretch our legs and have a chat to fellow participants, or to ask Mark any questions we had.

Pam Gunnel and Jenny Bates from the Lochiel Park Community Garden Next up was Pam Gunnel and Jenny Bates from the Lochiel Park Community Garden, with their presentation of 'How to Grow Edible Plants in Your Garden Sustainably'. 

Their session covered the important factors for consideration when creating a sustainable garden, such as direct sunshine, shelter from strong winds, shelter from burning sun, water, good soil, bugs pests and diseases, minimising waste, and making it easy and fun! 

A wealth of information from very hands-on ladies!

A Jeffries representative- which was one of the sponsors of the event- gave us a fascinating look into what happens to our green waste from when we put it into our green bins, to when it is offered for sale as soil, compost and mulch.  There's more to it than you think... and it's a massive operation!  A real eye-opener into what this company does.  He also gave a way a few bags of their product to people who could answer simple questions about his presentation.

Lunch followed this and was a yummy array of assorted wraps and fruit platters.  The vegetarians and vegans were catered for too, which was great to see.

Following lunch, Geoff Booth, Urban Biodiversity Officer for DENR, who is involved with the 'Million Trees' project and  'Backyards for Wildlife' spoke to us about 'Biodiverse Backyards and Corridors'. 

Geoff Booth Urban Biodiversity Officer DENR
Salisbury Biodiversity Corridors Salisbury Biodiversity Corridors

He took us through some of the Salisbury Biodiversity Corridors, and what has been going on there towards regeneration.  He also discussed the way people could create their own biodiverse gardens, and the important factors that we need to include for providing this biodiverse environment.

Due to other commitments, the final scheduled speaker was not able to make this event, so we finished up early.  There were an assortment of handouts to take home with us including fact sheets from 'Backyards for Wildlife', Jeffries information, and government and council health tip and activity brochures.   

I am sure we all took away plenty to think about... and hopefully to act on!  All in all, a very enjoyable and informative day.  A big thank you to all those who organised, sponsored and spoke at this event!

The Salisbury Sustainable Garden Design Workshop is proudly supported by the following organisations:

Sustainable Garden Design Workshop Sponsors

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