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Tiny House Building Project at Aldinga, South Australia

Tiny House Caravan

The caravan that will be deconstructed and form the base of the tiny house.

I have been asked to ‘put the word out’ about a community project involving building a tiny house at Aldinga Arts Eco Village.

The project will be being undertaken from May 20th- around June 8th or so.

They are looking for volunteers to help with this project and particularly anyone who has good building knowledge, such as a current or retired builder or a student/apprentice builder.

Other helpers would also be appreciated.

You don’t have to be involved in the whole project… just for whatever time you can offer.

I would imagine older kids, such as teens, may be able to take part (you would have to check with d’Arcy if they have an age limit, as it is a building project with potential dangers) but I would think that it wouldn’t be suitable for young children.

They are also after various materials for donation to the project:

• Plywood sheets for outside cladding and maybe weatherboard for the toilet
• Rust removal and rust prep paint for the trailer as well as wire brushes and clean up the trailer
• Frosted glass door or glass door for the front door
• A couple more sheets of gyprock for interior cladding
• Structural wood for framing
• Solar converter and batteries and someone who might like to give a solar DIY lesson

If anyone is interested in taking part or helping out in any way here is the link to the project you can email d’Arcy at

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Adopt an Acre in Australia

Southern coast of Gondwana Link project. Credit: Ron Geatz

Southern coast of Gondwana Link project. Credit: Ron Geatz

From ancient rainforests along the coast to the Mediterranean forests further inland to the edge of the legendary Australian Outback, this large, biologically diverse corner of Australia needs your help. Gondwana Link is home to 10,000 distinct plant and animal species, including kangaroos, emus, dingoes, wallabies and tiny honey possums.

The exceptional plant diversity nurtured by the eucalypt woodlands and open bushland, intermixed with low shrublands and grasslands, is one of the primary reasons for the region’s conservation significance.

A multitude of pressures increasingly threaten Gondwana Link’s rich plant and animal life—2,500 plant species are on the verge of extinction. That’s where your support can help to make a difference.