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2030 NASA Mars Mission Astronauts Will Eat 100% Vegan Menu

As NASA prepares for its proposed manned mission to planet Mars in 2030, the Advanced Food Technology (AFT) project is ensuring that the flight crew will have a completely Vegan diet of fresh fruits, vegetables and even live plants.

So far NASA’s AFT project has already developed over 100 Vegan recipes for the mission.

Vegan eating is the only sustainable diet option

So, why Vegan?

Simply because it is not feasible to preserve meat and dairy products long enough for the multi-year trip. It’s also far easier to grow fruits and vegetables than it is to store and manage livestock animals.

So, food-wise, the Mars project will be cruelty free.

NASA Astronauts On Mars Mission Will Eat 100% Vegan Menu | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building.