May 21, 2013 - EDUCATION    No Comments

Free Online Permaculture Design Course

Well, it’s finally here… Regenerative Leadership Institute’s FREE online Permaculture Design Course, consisting of 72+ hours of content including loads of video lessons, quizzes and information to help you gain a comprehensive understanding of Permaculture Design.

As some of you may know, Regenerative Leadership Institute has recently been attempting to raise the money to fund this course, through crowd funding, and thankfully they made their total- plus another $16,000 above their goal amount!  I think this goes to show how important many people perceive getting this kind of information out there, as widely as possible.

So, why wait?  Go to and get started!

We’d love to hear from anyone once they ahve done the course… or even those part way through… about what you think of it and your recommendations to others to try it… so please let us know!

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