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Joe’s Connected Garden

In the Adelaide area of Elizabeth Grove, South Australia, are 4 connected backyards in which an abundance of fruits and veggies are grown and shared by the residents of the properties.

Boasting over 300 varieties of fruits and all sorts of vegetables, the gardens are managed on organic and permaculture principles.

The garden is also part of the Open Garden’s Scheme, as well as being available for people to tour at other times.  There is a variety of plants available for sale cheaply in their nursery, the proceeds of which go to help with the ongoing costs of the garden.

Currently (May 2013- expected for a few months) the garden has an excess of spinach, which is available free to anyone who lives nearby.  You can contact them on their Facebook page below.

They also are grateful for any donations of good condition pots, of varying sizes, to use in their nursery.

In the future, they also hope to run various workshops for the community, so keep a lookout for more info on that.

If you would like to see what’s currently happening in the garden, check out their Facebook page!

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