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Ridley Grove Community Garden


Ridley Grove Community Garden

Ridley Grove Community Garden now have their own website!

Located in Ridley Grove, Woodville Gardens, South Australia this enthusiastic bunch have set up a truly wonderful garden, complete with butterfly trail and pizza oven, among other more usual community garden features.

For more information either visit their new website link below, or our article on this site http://earthwiseharmony.com/GARDENS/EH-Ridley-Grove-Community-Garden-Adelaide-South-Australia.html


Ridley Grove Community Garden.

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Sea The Truth | Watch Full Documentary Online

The state of our oceans and seas is the main focus in the documentary “Sea the Truth”. Leading scientists such as Daniel Pauly suggest that if we continue to catch and eat fish at the current rate, the oceans and seas will be empty within 40 years. The hunt for fish is an economic monster on the run: large bottom trawlers are scraping the bottoms of the seas empty, taking with them all living things with destructive force. The massive amount of bycatch is thrown back into the sea, maimed or dead.

Sea The Truth Documentary Video

Under the guidance of Dutch MP Marianne Thieme, two young marine biologists Marianne van Mierlo and Barbara van Genne, are searching worldwide for scientific information about the condition of our biggest ecosystems, which cover more than two thirds of our planet.

Underwater photographer Dos Winkel shows them the beauty of marine life and the enormous threats to which it is exposed. For the documentary the producers filmed in Newfoundland, on Bonaire, on the North Sea, the Azores and at various locations in the Netherlands. Authorities offer the solution of sustainable fisheries projects while leading scientists say that every fish that is taken now, is one too many.

This documentary shows that, unfortunately, there is no such thing as “sustainable fishing”.

What do you think?


Source: Sea The Truth (2010) | Watch Full Documentary Online.


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Voices of the Village : Sustainable Communities Event

sustainable communities South Australia


Join Sustainable Communities South Australia, in conjunction with the City of  Mitcham Council, in a day exploring sustainable ideas at the Mitcham Cultural Village.

There will be displays, presentations, hands-on workshops, kids activities, entertainment plus local, healthy homemade food.

This event will take place on Sunday 21st October from 10am to 5pm.

Voices of the Village : Sustainable Communities Event.

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Richard Heinberg Australian Speaking Tour

Richard Heinberg in Australia

Post Carbon Institute Senior Fellow Richard Heinberg will be doing a speaking tour of Australia in September 2012.

Some of these events are FREE, while others incur a gold coin donation or other fee.

Heinberg , one of the most important voices of our time, will be talking about his latest book The End of Growth.

This event will enlighten you on important economic, peak oil and sustainability issues.  Not to be missed!

Richard Heinberg: Australian Speaking Tour.

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How to Make Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products For All Kinds of Uses!

green homemade cleaners

Sick of using toxic chemicals around your home? Want to make your home a healthier environment? Learn how to make all kinds of green cleaning products at home.

We discuss various green cleaning ideas and include lots of recipes to make your own eco friendly cleaners at home.  This not only helps the environment, but saves you money too!

Green Cleaning: How to Make Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products For All Kinds of Uses!.

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2030 NASA Mars Mission Astronauts Will Eat 100% Vegan Menu

As NASA prepares for its proposed manned mission to planet Mars in 2030, the Advanced Food Technology (AFT) project is ensuring that the flight crew will have a completely Vegan diet of fresh fruits, vegetables and even live plants.

So far NASA’s AFT project has already developed over 100 Vegan recipes for the mission.

Vegan eating is the only sustainable diet option

So, why Vegan?

Simply because it is not feasible to preserve meat and dairy products long enough for the multi-year trip. It’s also far easier to grow fruits and vegetables than it is to store and manage livestock animals.

So, food-wise, the Mars project will be cruelty free.

NASA Astronauts On Mars Mission Will Eat 100% Vegan Menu | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building.