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Roofing Integrated Photovoltaic Thermal (RIPV-T) roof tiles

Tractile Solar claim they are the world’s first Roofing Integrated Photovoltaic Thermal (RIPV-T) roof tile.

Solar roofing tile

Solar roofing tile

The roof-integrated photovoltaic tile creates both; electricity, as well as solar boosted hot water from the single unit.

The Tractile Eclipse Solar tile interlocks with Tractile Eclipse tiles for a solar roofing combination.

Standard Tractile Eclipse Tiles

Standard Tractile Eclipse Tiles

Tractile say the main benefits include:

  • Increased PV output efficiency compared to conventional PV systems
  • Aesthetic building integrated solution
  • Use of cost effective and lightweight materials
  • Designed for low manufacture and installation cost
  • Decreased installation time and maintenance costs

..and recommend the system for:

  • Heat pump
  • Instantaneous gas or electricity
  • Gas or electrical heated storage tank



Dimensions in mm: W x H x D
 – Physical  1105 x 690 x 71
 – Exposed  1050 x 560
Exposed tile surface (square meter)  0.588
Weight (kg), with single hook and no liquid in tile 19.56
 Profile Solar PV glass
Capacity in watt peak  76
Capacity in litres 1.0



So if you’re looking to produce some of your own electricity in your next home build or update your existing building, then check out Tractile for more information.



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