52 Ripples: How many Ripples can YOU make this year?

52 Ripples: How many Ripples can YOU make this year?


52 Ripples: How many Ripples can YOU make this year?

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead

Want to know how you can be one of our special Ripple Questers? Read on...

Actions of individuals - The Ripple Effect

There are so many ways that we as individuals, or small groups of family, friends and neighbours, can make a positive impact on our world. They don't all have to be big, spectacular acheivements to make a difference. Many small actions, by many people can actually have a more widespread effect than one big action.

The Ripple Effect - People changing the world

We can all take part in creating these 'Ripples' that can spread throughout our communities and beyond.

Throughout the year we will be posting new 'Ripples' that we invite you to participate in. Our plan is to post '52 Ripples' in a year, so check back regularly to take part. You don't have to commit to doing all of them, or carrying them out in the specific way we mention... feel free to create your own version that suits your lifestyle, abilities and resources. Perhaps our ideas will spark something different and unique that you decide to carry out.

Some 'Ripples' may be best suited to individuals or a single family, others may work better when a group of people get involved. Some of them will be once-off 'Ripples', others ongoing, creating new sustainable habits. Some will be very small, easy 'Ripples', others will be bigger and take more effort and commitment. Some will be more related to sustainable living techniques, others to creating eco-systems and protecting our environment. Take your pick... choose what suits your situation... every 'Ripple' counts!

The Ripple Effect - Invite people to participate in changing the world for the better

Feel free to invite anyone you know, who may be interested, to take part with you. Spread the 'Ripples'!

As part of this project, we will be honouring people who create Ripples... Ripple Questers... be it the Ripples we propose, or those who Ripple in their own unique ways. It may be in your personal life, or maybe the work or volunteering that you do, or in sharing your passion for the environment with those around you in an educational role.

We'd love to know about your 'Ripples'... hear your story... see photos or videos of you 'Rippling'. And we'd be thrilled to include some of these on our 'Ripple' pages, to inspire others with ideas for creating their own 'Ripples'. As a Ripple Quester who shares their story with our readers, you will receive an e-certificate acknowledging the difference you are making by your efforts to live more sustainably. You are also welcome to nominate people that you know of, who are doing their part and we can follow up with them. The e-certificates will be numbered and our goal is to try to reach 100 Ripple Questers by the end of 2020... and then continue to grow each year thereafter. The sky's the limit! Who will be number 1... who will be number 100? What about number 1,000??!!

Each year, on World Environment Day, a Ripple Quester will be chosen as someone we feel is making a really strong effort in living a more sustainable life, or having a great positive impact in some way, and they will recieve a gift from us as a thank you. :)

So, join us in creating 'Ripples' that will impact our precious planet Earth and all who call it home in meaningful, positive ways. It's never been more important, nor urgent, for us all to step up and do whatever we can in the Quest of saving our Home. Let's be the change we want to see in the world!


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