True Green Life : 200 Ideas to Make Your Life Greener in Every Way

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True Green Life:  200 Ideas to Make Your Life Greener in Every Way


True Green Life
200 Ideas to Make Your Life Greener in Every Way

Authors:  Kim McKay & Jenny Bonnin

ISBN:  9780733322884

This Australian guide to a greener life is written by Kim McKay and Jenny Bonnin and covers "green" ideas in categories such as:

  • Travel-  choosing eco-friendly options; leaving only footprints; paperless travel; declaring items; supporting local economies and being culturally sensitive.

  • Celebrations-  creating a "family tree" planting tradition; environment parties; eco-weddings, choosing local flowers, conflict free diamond rings, green honeymoons; eco-wrapping, cards, gifts.

  • Action-  know your footprint and reduce it, plan to become carbon neutral; recycle, reuse, repair, share; volunteer; support enviro charities and initiatives; be aware and connected.

  • Economy-  less is more; reduce packaging; eat less energy intensive foods; buy local & buy Aussie; walk instead of drive; buy second-hand; support sustainable industry; be an ethical consumer; wake up to "greenwash".

  • Vocation-  work for ethical and environmentally aware companies; promote public accountability; walk, bike or public transport to work; plants creating healthier offices; create a sustainable office; choose recycled products; water and power-wise; make your own lunches.

  • Family-  make, mend, cook, sew yourself; share and borrow; grow and eat raw foods; better storage alternatives; efficient appliances; eco-friendly cleaning; lessen use of plastics; eco babies; eco pets; junk mail; eco water & power use; eco cars.

  • Health-  keeping active and fit; kick the bottled water habit; cut out processed foods; go organic; eco-friendly baby food (breast milk); avoiding overuse of medications, ethical disposal; organic care products; fragrance free; fresh air & natural light.

  • Home-  eco home design; recycled building materials; insulation; windows; healthy paints; energy efficient lighting, heating, cooling, appliances; water & power.

  • Earth-  tree planting; rainforest protection; using plants as home temperature control; backyard biodiversity; restoring the bush; working with your landscape; home grown produce; worms; compost; water-wise.

  • Enjoyment-  appreciating the natural world; digital music; dress appropriately for seasons; rechargeable batteries; use your library; get creative and make your own gifts, cards etc; go for a bike ride; take picnic lunches.

The back of the book contains a useful collection of related websites for each section.  This book has many great ideas, most easily implemented by anyone!

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