Alphabet Living

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Alphabet Living


Alphabet Living

Authors:  Dr. Bee (Rebecca Kovan) & Hobo Dan (Daniel MacIntyre)

Illustrated by Dr. Bee

ISBN: 978-0-615-38391-0


Alphabet Living by Dr. Bee and Hobo Dan is a collection of original poetry based around the letters of the alphabet.  While it is an alphabet book of sorts, it's not the traditional kind designed for little children learning the alphabet.  It is obviously aimed more at the older child, especially those who are the more imaginative, contemplative sort.  Little ones will still love the illustrations and as they grow, will understand more and more of what is being read.  Definitely a book to be re-read many times!

The themes throughout would definitely help develop a child's self worth and create a greater understanding about how to live cooperatively and with solid values.  Just the kind of thing we need to be nurturing in our children so that they can be caring and thinking ambassadors for our planet.

Each letter gives birth to a word, which is then explored through poetry.  Here are a few excerpts from the book:

Alphabet Living - F is for Forgiveness

N- Nature

Nature is the great outdoors- embrace its realm of wonder!
Nature lives through animals, all plants, and things like thunder.
Water, fire, air and earth are Nature's sacred four.
Nature gives you mysteries and landscapes to explore.

Q- Questioning

Questioning ignites the flame of shared investigation.
Questioning evolves ideas, birthing innovation.
Should you not be sure in which direction you are leaning,
Questioning might point to... "find a path with heart and meaning!"

S- Solitude

Solitude is quiet time that simply lets you be.
Solitude provides a space to revel in carefree.
If you need perspective or must make a hard decision,
Solitude will help your cause and clarify your vision!

I- Imagination

Imagination activates the rainbows of Creation.
Imagination journeys past the place of limitation.
Nurture your Imagination- it will take you higher.
Imagination Blooms with your attention and desire!

No doubt these words could give rise to many rewarding conversations with your child... and maybe inspire the 'big kid' in you as well!

Below is a short promotional video about the book which will give you an idea of what it looks like.

Alphabet Living is illustrated in an appealing style by Dr. Bee and would be a great addition to any child's collection.

The book can be purchased either through Amazon or through their website http://www.alphabetliving.com/
If you purchase the book through their site part proceeds go to children's charities. You can also find out more about the book on this site.

They are also running a project through Fiscal Sponsorship (USA) where people can donate to help support their goal to "to donate as many books, artworks, and readings as possible, inspiring children across the globe!"

And last... a few words about the authors! (Courtesy of their website.)


Dr. Bee keeps an even keel under pressure and likes to hang upside down for a different perspective. Mom to Julien, Dr. Bee is Julien's best student!

Hobo Dan tells double-over-with-laughter stories and has an amazing sense of timing. Dad to Julien, Hobo Dan thinks he is Julien's best student!

Note: According to one definition found in The Urban Dictionary, 'Hobo' describes a totally awesome person who can always make someone laugh, and travels the world care-free. We're going with that!

Alphabet Living ~ Simple Truths ... Reimagined!   

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