Community Action for Sustainability Film Evening Mount Gambier, South Australia

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Community Action for Sustainability Film Evening Mount Gambier, South Australia


Community Action for Sustainability Film Evening
Mount Gambier, South Australia

*** This event has now been held.


All welcome!

Community Action for Sustainability invites you to the Main Corner in Mount Gambier on June 22nd at 6.30pm to see the permaculture documentary “Design for Life.”  

‘Design for Life’ is a movie by the British videographer Sam Collins telling the story of two scientifically trained baby boomers, from opposite ends of the planet, who saw the cracks emerging in the global ecosystem and started the adventure of their lives, to perfect an abundant, sustainable way of living.

Annemarie and Graham Brookman’s quest for the principles of sustainable living took them to forty countries and resolved itself in the adoption of the permaculture design system and the creation of a remarkable organic farm and learning centre known as The Food Forest near Gawler.

‘Design for Life’ moves on from the string of eco-disaster documentaries and shows how an ordinary family can get land and become self reliant using environmentally responsible techniques.

It is a particularly important movie because it proposes solutions to many of the major challenges facing the world today - climate change, overpopulation, urban design, food security and the adoption of and ethical framework for decision-making.

It is a fast moving film with interviews with environmental designer David Holmgren and some remarkable film of Annemarie and Graham’s trek in search of sustainability. But it also gives perspectives from the upcoming generation that will have to manage the planet over the coming decades through the eyes of Tom and Nikki Brookman.  Whilst it is a global film, Adelaide is clearly in the background as Graham demonstrates a model for the design of sustainable cities.

We then invite you to join us for a special “Food Forest Supper” afterwards. 


When: Friday, June 22nd  

Where: Dress Circle, Main Corner, Mount Gambier, 1 Bay Road.

Time: Doors open 6.30pm, Film at 7.00pm / 84 min.

Tickets: Gold Coin Donation on the night or at Main Corner, Mount Gambier, Ph 87239566.

Three bottles of “Food Forest” wine available as door prizes.

The Permaculture Mount Gambier Group will be at this event with more information.


DVD’s of the movie and the ‘virtual tour’ of the property will be available to borrow at the Mount Gambier Public Library after the screening.

For more information contact the Food Forest on 08 8522 6450, www.foodforest.com.au


Brought to you by Community Action for Sustainability with the support of City of Mount Gambier and the South East Natural Resources Management Board.

Community Action for Sustainability Inc





This Event has now been held.

Community Action for Sustainability invites you to the Main Corner in Mount Gambier on May 18th at 6.30pm to see two delightful and entertaining films. 

We take great pleasure in showing the award winning, short Australian film “Common Ground” (15min).  This is a documentary collaboration between Uncle Bob Randall and Hollie Fifer. “At a time when climate change and sustainability is a crucial debate on how society lives into the future, Uncle Bob shares his life learning’s. Uncle Bob is a desert man and Hollie grew up in the concrete walls of Melbourne. They couldn't be more different. However while reconnecting with the Australian landscape they find common ground“.

Following this we will show "Urban Roots: A story of a city and its people" produced by Tree Media. www.urbanrootsaction.com

Detroit was the centre of the automotive industry in the USA and when this collapsed the big companies (Ford, Chrysler and GMH) laid people off.  The city’s population dropped from 2 million in 1950 to 900,000 in 2000.  Urban Farming is a positive response to the collapse of this city.  There was no fresh food available in the city -only convenience stores, fast food restaurants and petrol stations with packaged foods.  People had to drive out to the suburbs to get fresh food.   What do you eat under these circumstances and how healthy is it for you!  

The city population found they had no control over their food system, one third were living below the poverty line and most of these needed food assistance.  The answer was in food self determination through urban farming and community gardens.   Urban farming helped feed the family and sale of excess produce provided money to put petrol in the car.   Children started learning about where food comes from, growing and eating fresh food.   The film took a look at the many models of food growing that developed in Detroit including the markets. 

The film explores: the need to get in touch with nature, importance of teaching children about agriculture, the stigma attached to growing food and agriculture, ways to deal with soil pollution (heavy metals), food kitchens and food justice.   The film looks at Local Government and the community with regard to legal issues arising from urban farming within a city. 

Overall it introduces us to new ways to develop cities and build community, by including agricultural and green spaces in the city.  Food without a doubt brings people together in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration.  The Urban roots movement supports putting farms in schools!

CAS invite you to join us for supper or you may wish to watch a short film (7min) looking at the Food Bill of Rights developed by the Community Environmental Legal Defence Organisation in the USA – promoting communities to develop local laws to protect local food production.  


When: Friday, May 18th 

Where: Dress circle, Main Corner, Mount Gambier

Time: Doors open 6.30pm, Film at 7.00pm / 110 min.

Tickets at Main Corner, Gold Coin Donation.

Supper provided after the film.

Films will be available for loan from Mount Gambier Public Library.

More information contact Catherine on 0887253821 or cas4sustainability@gmail.com

Brought to you by Community Action for Sustainability (CAS) with the support of City of Mount Gambier and the South East Natural Resources Management Board.


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