Michael Reynolds "Garbage Warrior" Earthships Builder Touring Australia. Get Free Tickets!

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Michael Reynolds


Michael Reynolds "Garbage Warrior" Earthships Builder
Touring Australia. 

Michael ReynoldsUPDATE:  These Events have now been held.  We will update if Michael Reynolds returns to Australia in the future.

Adelaide - Feb 21st
Northern Rivers - Feb 23rd
Gold Coast - Feb 24th
Sunshine Coast - Feb 25th
Sydney - Feb 26th

Please Note: At his stage, there don't appear to be any free tickets for these events, although this is mentioned on their Tour Page, so check there in the future in case any become available.

Michael Reynolds, creator of the movie "Garbage Warrior" and builder of beautiful sustainable 'Earthships' is touring Australia in February so don't miss out.

He will be doing lectures in the areas where he obtains the most interest, so if you want Michael to speak in your area, please go to Garbage Warrior Australian Tour page and express your interest!  Don't let this great opportunity to hear a true pioneer in sustainable building and living pass you by.

Some free tickets are available... see the page and fill in the appropriate box.  When you register your interest, you will also be given a link to watch his documentary movie "Garbage Warrior" online free of charge

Not only has Michael developed amazing techniques for sustainable building re-using many items that would otherwise end up in the garbage, but he has battled government regulations for people's rights to trial sustainable building techniques.

Michael will be talking about building Earthships, for everyday people, who want to live sustainably, and cut out most of their bills... because his Earthships negate the need for heating, cooling, power and water bills, as they supply all of these themselves, as well as many other benefits.

He will also be debuting the new documentary titled "Earthship: New Solutions" which goes into specific details of how Earthships work and why they are the way of the future.

3 Day Workshops (fee) are also being held for those who want to go into the topic more deeply.

"Michael Reynolds will take you by the hand and show you exactly what it will take to build an Earthship from the ground up. You will leave with a complete understanding and enough knowledge to start an Earthship from scratch."  Places for these are limited.

A fascinating man with some great ideas to pass on... make sure you take the time to hear him.


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