Come & Try Days: A Day in the Bush

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Come & Try Days: A Day in the Bush


Come & Try Days: A Day in the Bush

This article is part of a series kindly provided to us by Trees for Life.

Late last year Anne Kirk rolled up her sleeves, took the plunge and booked into one of Trees For Life’s ‘Come & Try’ days.

She admits it was a “slightly daunting” move, but one she is very glad she took.

Anne wasn’t a member and had not heard of TFL’s Bush For Life (BFL) program.

Having retired from regular hockey playing a year earlier, Anne felt it was time she got more active again. After reading an email about different environmental volunteering opportunities, Anne “bit the bullet” and set about gathering more information.

With her full-time work and only weekends available, it was a Saturday ‘Come & Try’ Bush Action Team (BAT) activity in October that stood out as the opportunity she’d been looking for.

Reassurance that she didn’t need to know anything about bush regeneration before attending also helped. Anne’s experience at the Hallett Cove Come & Try day was a positive one.

“I’m making a difference and being active ... I didn’t realise I’d have such fun,” she said.

After attending a few more Come & Try days, Anne decided she wanted to take the next step and become a Bush For Life volunteer, so booked into an Introductory Bush For Life workshop.

She is now a group activities volunteer and hopes to get to an activity every month. This suits her because there are weekend options available, and she gets to browse the quarterly Group Activity Schedule, mark off the ones she wants to attend, then book in around her own busy schedule.

Anne said that group activities appealed to her because “I get to see different areas that I wouldn’t usually get to see, meet different people of all different age groups and know I’m making a difference.

“I’m glad I came to Come & Try’s first before doing the workshop … it gave me more confidence.”

And her advice to others? “If you’re thinking about doing it, just do it!”

BFL is holding four Come & Try BATs per quarter so anyone can participate. If you’re interested in finding out more, phone TFL on 8406 0500.

Anne Kirk - Come and Try Day

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