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Fauna Rescue Of South Australia Inc

Fauna Rescue of SA Inc is a state wide not for profit group dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation  and, where possible,  the release back to the wild of native fauna.  Our organisation was founded in 1988 with 10 volunteers and has steadily progressed to being the largest rescue and release group in South Australia.  

All our members are volunteers working from their own homes and we have to finance our group through our own fundraising efforts and donations.  Where possible new members are buddied with an experienced carer and regular training workshops are organised for new members.
In depth training and extensive notes on all the species that come into care are also available.  Our Species Co-Ordinators oversee the placing of fauna which is  in need of help with an appropriate carer and give hands on training when necessary.

We have a 24 hour phone helpline manned by trained volunteers who are rostered for duty.   They take the initial calls and can give the caller details of a member within the area who is capable of dealing with the rescue.  The phone operators are very knowledgeable and can also provide advice and information.  If you find any distressed or orphaned wildlife please call us on 8289 0896.  We also have a website www.faunarescue.org.au which is very popular.

There are many ways members can help our group as well as being a carer, some of them being Fundraising, Public Relations, Phone duty, Training  and applying for Grants.

Fauna Rescue of South Australia

While we rehabilitate all South Australian native creatures, it is only over the past couple of years that the Grey Headed Flying Foxes have settled in our state, and we have a group of dedicated carers who are trained, vaccinated and able to care for these beautiful little animals.

Another exciting undertaking has been that we are now able to care for koalas, who previously were not allowed to be cared for by rescue groups.  Intensive training was organised as koalas need in depth care and their food requirements are very specialised, and special permits from the Dept of Environment and Heritage were granted for carers.

Being a member of Fauna Rescue is very satisfying and rewarding.  You become part of a team and know that in whatever area your interest lies, you are helping our fabulous South Australian wildlife.   

Wildlife Volunteer Help Line: 8289 0896

Internet:  www.faunarescue.org.au
E-mail:  info@faunarescue.org.au

Fauna Rescue of SA Inc    
ABN  20 601 494 364            
PO Box 241             
Modbury North  SA  5092    
Fax:  8395 8769


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