Preserving Food- Canning
Preserving Food- Canning

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Preserving Food- Canning


Preserving Food- Canning

Canning, as a way of preserving food, has been around for ages and is now making quite a comeback in popularity in many circles.  It is a way of being able to preserve excess produce, so that you can enjoy it during the times when it is no longer available fresh from the garden.  

It is also an excellent way to build your own food security, for whatever the future may bring.  Having plenty of food on hand will help your family stay fed and healthy, as well as give you something to trade with others in your community, for things you may need... or just to offer those in need.

Even though canning is fairly simple, some basic knowledge is necessary to ensure your specific produce is canned the correct way, so that they last well... and don't poison the people who eat them!

Pressure canners also require knowledge as to how to use them safely, as they can be potentially dangerous.

The video below is a great place to start if you want to know the basics of canning.  I highly reccomend watching it!

Canning Equipment

For canning, you will need some basic equipment, as well as a supply of fresh produce.

  • Water bath and/or pressure canner
  • Canner rack- not absolutely essential, but makes things easier
  • Canning jars, rings and lids
  • Jar lifter- you could possibly do without this, but it makes things easier and safer
  • Wide mouth funnel, ladle for putting produce into jars

You can also buy other bits and pieces, but they aren't really essential.

You can not only can fruit pieces, but also vegetables, make jams and fillings, juices, pickles, chutneys, salsas, sauces, syrups and other foods too.

The next video is an excellent look at water bath canning, from the Dummies series.

Tips for Water-Bath Canning For Dummies

This video shows the proper use of a pressure canner- very important to understand if you are considering canning by this method.

How to Use a Pressure Canner

Want to make pie fillings?  This video gives you the lowdown.

Home Canning Fruit in Syrup or as a Pie Filling

You can make jams in your canner too... here's how.

How to Can Jam and Jelly

How about canning some of your abundant tomato crop?  Take a look at this video.

How to Can Tomatoes and Vegetables

Yes!  You can even preserve greens.

Canning Greens Part 1

Canning Greens Part 2

Hopefully these have given you a bit of an idea of how to go about canning various produce and will give you the confidence to try some of your own.  Good luck with your canning projects.


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