Creating A Pizza Garden


Creating A Pizza Garden


Creating A Pizza Garden
The Greatest Tasting Pizzas Start With This!

Designing and growing your own "Pizza Garden" can be a really fun way of getting your kids involved in the joy of gardening.

The idea is to grow all kinds of yummy vegetables and herbs that your family would enjoy on a pizza- then reap the rewards, and create a healthy, tasty pizza.

One fun way to grow a pizza garden is to make it in the shape of a round pizza with 'pizza slice' sections for each different type of veggie or herb.

DIY Pizza Garden

Begin by finding some gardening books or internet gardening resources on growing all kinds of veggies and herbs. Make sure they are relevant to your area, as planting times and other details may vary.

Then, get your family to start brainstorming what kinds of veggies they like on pizza... or what new things they might like to try! Have them research their suggestions in the books etc, and decide on what types of veggies they will try to grow, and which varieties may be most suitable. Check for what conditions they need and if they can all be grown over the time period you are using. Having a couple or so varieties of each kind is a good idea, as your first choice may not be available where you shop. Choosing small varieties, or early cropping types will lessen your waiting time.

You also need to decide if you will start with seedlings or grow things from seed. Some things are better to grow one way or the other. Seedlings will take less time to mature than seeds. Some seeds may need initially planting in seedling boxes then planting out into the ground after they have developed. Refer to seed packets for details.

How To Direct Sow Seeds

Next you need to plan a time frame for your plantings. Different things will take different amounts of time to mature and be ready to harvest. Most things should have quite a period of time during which you will get harvestable produce, so even if you're not precise with your plantings, you will hopefully get some overlap and have time to make a few yummy pizzas... and whatever else you'd like to use them for.

Also, research what plants help each other (companion planting), repel pests etc, how many of each type you want to plant, how much room each needs. Draw up a plan of what will be planted where, and record brief instructions for each type- eg any special soil requirements, depth of hole needed etc.

You should also think about how you will control pests (including birds), what kind of mulch, fertiliser etc you will use, how they will be watered etc. If you wish to have a chemical free garden, make sure you research the possibilities available to you for this.

Companion planting in a small productive urban garden. Sustainable Gardening Australia

Now it's time to get your hands dirty!

Get to work and dig your pizza garden plot. Loosen the soil well to a depth that will allow plenty of root growth. Ease of root growth makes for healthier more vibrant plants, and deeper roots allow plants to make use of deeper watering, and less reliant on such frequent surface watering.

TIP: If you are concerned about soil bacteria, or cuts etc, you can always use gardening gloves. Whether you do or not, make sure everyone washes their hands well with soap and water- including under their nails- after they finish, and treat any wounds sustained immediately. Also, make sure if anyone has prior wounds that they are safely covered beforehand, and preferably that they wear gloves.

Follow the instructions for depth, spacing etc for each type of vegetable/herb and plant your garden, over whatever times pan is indicated. Care for your plants, watch them grow and then...

Enjoy the fun of harvesting your crop as needed, making your gourmet pizzas and delighting in the taste of fresh healthy veggies that you grew yourself!

For added fun, why not invite your friends over for a make your own pizza party!

If you want to expand your garden, or try another theme you could also create a pasta garden, hearty soup garden, salsa garden etc.

Planting a Container Salsa Garden

Here are some veggies and herbs you might like to try growing-

  • Oregano
  • Basil
  • Spring Onions
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Tomatoes
  • Capsicums
  • Chillies (if you like it hot!)
  • Mushrooms (These may need a little different approach, so research. You can buy "mushroom kits")
  • Roasted vegetables such as carrots, pumpkins and potato can be really yummy on a pizza. Try it and see!

You can make your own pizza sauce from your own tomatoes and herbs, combined in a blender. Or you can use tomato paste or commercial pizza sauce, if you prefer the taste.

For pizza bases you can buy pre-made bases, use flat bread varieties, or make your own dough by hand or in a bread maker on the pizza dough setting.

Have fun with your pizza garden... and becoming a gourmet pizza artist!

How To Make Pizza Dough At Home - Easy Recipe


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