Noarlunga Downs School Community Garden South Australia

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Noarlunga Downs School Community Garden South Australia


Noarlunga Downs School Community Garden
South Australia


To bring students, parents and community members together to promote health and wellbeing through gardening,
cooking and sharing healthy foods in a friendly social environment.

Where:   Noarlunga Downs P-7 School
               Canterbury  Crescent, Noarlunga Downs

When:   Garden open during school hours.
              Key to garden is available from school Reception. Sign in the book at Reception when you arrive and leave.

Who Can Join:   Anyone!  Membership is free.

Contact:   Ph: 8384 1065
                 Fax: 8326 9136                                            
                 Email: info@ndownsps.sa.edu.au

Want to get involved?  Here are some of the ways you can!

  • Shared gardening
  • Planning and organizing

  • Fundraising

  • Working bees

  • Donating resources

  • Sitting and relaxing in the garden

  • Cooking the produce

  • Sharing knowledge about gardening and/or cooking

  • Helping with practical jobs eg irrigation, shadecloth

  • Assisting others

Please come along and find out for yourself just how rewarding this work can be!

In 2006, the school's Community Advisory Group made a decision to establish a community garden and mobilised a working party consisting of students, school staff, parents and members of the community.  By April 2007 that dream became a reality, thanks to a lot of committment, work and funds generously provided by Housing SA, Community BenefitSA and the City of Onkaparinga.

Our Vision is achieved in the following ways:

  • Encouraging connections with others, sharing communal space with people with varying abilities and similar interests.

  • Promoting care of the environment through bio-dynamic/chemical free gardening and companion planting.

  • Promoting a healthy community through sharing knowledge and being involved in outdoor physical activity and healthy eating.

  • Promoting self sufficient living.
Noarlunga Community Gardens

The garden is managed by the Community Garden Management Committee which is a sub committee of the Governing Council. Members include parents from the school, interested community members and community workers.

Meetings are held monthly on Mondays from 9am to 10am in the Community Room (Room 3).

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Community Gardens are a great way to share knowledge, skills and a love of gardening, as well as the benefits of physical activity in the outdoors, the social and community benefits and the wonderful food you grow!  Well worth getting involved!


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