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Coffs Regional Community Gardens NSW


Today I take a look at the Coffs Regional Community Garden..

coffs regional community garden logo


Lots of planning went into the design phase of this community garden in the Coffs region of New South Wales, Australia.

In this video, we see the original concept and layout of the community garden proposal prior to any work being done.

The Coffs Regional Community Garden [CRCG] became incorporated in early 2010 with the association being sponsored byt eh NSW Environmental Trust, Connect Australia Foundation and the Coffs Coast Local Food Alliance.

The Community Garden was set up as a not for profit organisation of volunteers working to establish productive and well managed gardens in the area.

Members consist of residents of the region with representitves from community groups as well as individuals with a passion for local fresh food and an interest in sustainable living.

coffs community garden meeting place

Committee meetings are held regularly to organise events tailored to the needs of the members as well as the wider community.

Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings and participate in the workshops.

The primary aims of the community garden are described as:

  • Establish and maintain sustainable community gardens throughout our region
  • Develop community knowledge and practical skills around local food
  • Raise awareness of the benefits of home gardening, organic food and self-sufficiency
  • Foster opportunities for community engagement and cultural exchange 
  • Develop strong partnerships with other community organisations
  • Showcase sustainable living solutions

The community garden is now a few years old and they proudly claim it to already be "one of the very best community gardens in NSW and probably Australia!"

coffs community garden plant nursery

They have already established a cutting edge aquaponics system, introduced chickens as well as an extensive nursery system, a state of the art composting toilet, a large undercover meeting space (with stand-alone solar power!) and two large rain water collection tanks.

coffs community garden composting bays

Also established in that time, include; subtropical and temperate food forests areas with over 120 different fruit and nut trees, 26 privately leased growing plots as well as composting and liquid fertiliser production areas.

There is also a children's play area established with swings, a and pit and a nice strawberry patch. There is also still room to expand as the group grows and more space is neccesary!

coffs community garden private garden plots

This community garden also has native / bush food areas designed to encourage better knowledge of bush foods and traditional medicinal plants as well as generate interest in native plants and land conservation among members and the community.



You can contact Coffs Regional Community Garden via:

Email: coffscommunitygardens@gmail.com
Website: www.coffscommunitygardens.org.au
Facebook: Facebook.com/coffsregionalcommunitygardens
Postal Address: PO Box 1757, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450
RSS Feed: coffscommunitygardens.org.au/?feed=atom


coffs community garden members working bee

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