Recycled Milk Bottle Igloo Party

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Recycled Milk Bottle Igloo Party


Recycled Milk Bottle Igloo Party

This kids activity is a follow on to Fun With Recycling: Make a Milk Bottle Igloo!

To celebrate your new igloo, invite everyone who helped in the building process, plus any other friends you'd like to share it with you, for an Igloo Party.  You and a friend or two could even have a sleepover in your very own igloo!  How many can you fit?


Send out invitations in the shape of ice cubes, igloos, penguins, polar bears etc.

Food and Drink:

Make or buy snacks that fit the theme, such as iceberg lettuce, icy cold salads, coconut ice, iced cakes and biscuits, iced vovo's, ice blocks, ice cream, icy blue drinks or clear sparkling lemonade or soda water.

Icy Themed Activities:

  • Bob for apples in water containing ice cubes... if you dare!

  • Make up your own arctic dances, such as The Penguin, The Polar Bear, The Seal and The Eskimo.

  • Have an ice and spoon race, like an egg and spoon race, but with ice cubes in the spoons instead.
    Alternatively, have an egg and spoon race, but make your eggs look like seal faces or penguins.

  • Have a hand ice race, where people must pick up ice cubes and run with them to another point, then go back for another cube.  The one who can transport the most ice cubes in a set time period wins.  How many can you do before your hand freeezes??!!

  • Create ice sculptures out of blocks of ice.  Use craft tools/knives (use caution!) to carve ice into shapes.  Gloves are advisable for handling ice, and doing this activity in as cold a place as possible will work best.

  • Easy hand ice 'sculpture':   Fill a rubber or latex glove with water and freeze.  Leave in freezer at least overnight.  Cut the glove away from the ice and you have your ice hand!
    This is a good activity if you are having a sleepover, as it takes time for the ice to set.  Alternatively, pre-make the ice hands and then use them as decoration or in a game.

  • Make ice candles.

  • Make sugar cube igloos. (see the video below)

The video below shows a fun way for kids to create 'ice sculptures' with no cutting or heat involved.

The above video shows some inspiring ice sculptures.  Enjoy!


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