Our Journey - Earthwise Harmony


Our Journey - Earthwise Harmony


Our Journey - Earthwise Harmony


Earthwise Harmony is the creation of Anthea and Carl, part of an Australian family with a great love and respect for this precious planet and all living things that make it their home. We are aware of how fragile these living systems are and the catastrophic effect human civilisation has had on the Earth, most dramatically since the advent of fossil fuel use. This website is one of the ways in which we strive to help in the quest of protecting our precious planet Earth.

Our journey has long been somewhat unconventional, from home educating our now-adult son, through various entrepreneurial ventures, to becoming vegan.

Anthea's love for the natural world began very early, through her parents' love of animals, gardening and the exploration of wild places. She went on many adventures with her family, right from when she was a baby, spending school holidays in beautiful locations, most prominently the Flinders Ranges National Park (now Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park) which created a deep bond with this special place.

Flinders Ranges National Park


FLinders Ranges Yellow Footed Roack Wallaby

Carl spent time as a child living in a riverside country town, and this had an impact on his appreciation for wildlife and nature. This increased when we both met and we began to form a shared interest in the peace and beauty of wild places.

As a married couple we have continued to enjoy venturing out into the wilds, especially once our son was born and we wanted to instil in him a love and appreciation for nature. He accompanied us on many a journey, exploring some of Australia's most amazing places.

As a way to 'give back' to the place dearest to our hearts, with Anthea's parents, we joined the newly forming 'Friends of the Flinders Ranges National Park' volunteer group in 1996, taking part in working bees in the Park several times a year. ever since.. and still do... working on a diverse range of projects, such as historical building restoration, ruin stabilisation, recreating and maintaining the English style garden at Old Wilpena Station, helping create the Discover the Flinders Ranges App (Google Play/Android, App Store/iOS), tree planting, seed collection, herbarium collection, fire track inspection and clearing, campground work, weed control and even rubbish collection through the Road Watch program. We also helped Anthea's father run the twice yearly School Holiday Events Program for many years, including running some of the actual tours and programs / workshops, especially children's workshops.

Friends of the Ikara Flinders Ranges Nation Park Homestead Compost Unit
Friends of Ikira Flinders Ranges National Park Old Wilpena Homestead Restoration Friends of Ikira Flinders Ranges National Park Helicopter Removeal of Bridges from Hillside

Our journey through home education revolved heavily around exploring the natural world, relating much of what our son was discovering to nature in some way or another... it's amazing just how creative you can be in this way!

Other ventures have included creating various websites and running a business which offered fun, educational workshops to children and adults (including those with developmental disabilities) including some with an environmental / nature theme.

We have had extensive home vegetable gardens at various places we have lived, using organic gardening methods... and now basically veganic (organic + vegan) methods. We also enhanced our knowledge by doing an organic gardening training course. Using these skills we have been growing seedlings and plants to sell at markets.

As mentioned, we are both vegans... and our son, his girlfriend, Anthea's mother and sister are all vegetarians... so it's definitely spreading! :) From fairly early in our relationship we started feeling uncomfortable eating animals, and even somewhat hypocritical, claiming we loved animals yet eating their slaughtered bodies.

One evening, looking into the seemingly mournful gaze of my (Anthea) mother's dog (she wasn't mournful, just had that look dogs sometimes have :) ) it suddenly came into my mind that that's probably how a terrified cow might look on it's way to slaughter. It made it unquestionably real for me, the equivalency of a dog to a cow. I said to Carl that I just couldn't eat meat any more. He was basically pescatarian by that point (only seafood) and was happy enough to go along with my wish. So we became vegetarian.

It wasn't until we watched the documentary 'Earthlings' that we became vegan. That left us in no doubt that production of any animal product (yes, we accept this probably excludes much loved and well treated backyard chickens, especially factory farm rescues, and the like) involved suffering and cruelty and that we just couldn't continue to take part in the madness! 'Earthlings' is a very powereful movie... and I believe 'Dominion' is also of a similar nature, though we haven't watched it. If you are already vegan then I don't suggest watching it, and please don't allow young children to watch it. It's very heartwrenching. But if you need something to convince you to take the final step into veganism, this will probably do it.

What started for us as veganism for the animals had since expanded to also encompass the multitude of health issues and environmental impacts of animal product consumption and production. If you want to have a massive, positive, almost immediate impact on climate change and environmental devastation, then ceasing to use animal products is probably the single most powerful way of achieving this. Your health will probably benefit greatly as well. It's a win, win, win!

And so, our journey through life has led us to creating this website, Earthwise Harmony.

As Earthlings, we feel it is the responsibility of each of us to do what we can to lessen, and undo, the damage we are causing, and from our passion to make this happen, Earthwise Harmony grew.

We wanted to collect knowledge and practical applications, tap the advice and learn the skills from people already 'living the life' in many and varied ways, and lessening their 'ecological footprint', so that we could then put this knowledge into practise... to begin with on a small scale, where we are now, and later on a much more involved scale on our very own sustainable property.

Our enthusiasm and excitement for what our research was leading us to discover, made us decide to put it all together on a website, as we learnt about it, so that others could have a place to come and access the information that will hopefully enable them to embark on their own sustainable adventure, whatever form that may take for them.

So... we welcome you to Our Eco Home and invite you to make yourselves at home. To read and use the advice and ideas you find here. To share with us your stories and tips! What's happening in your 'Patch of Paradise', or in an environmental or community group you are active in. We want to hear from you... for you to be involved... to feel this is Your Home too. It will be a growing, ever-expanding resource, with input from people as varied as the Earth itself. And hopefully, input from YOU!

Join with us in making this an awesome Hub of Information and a community of amazing people. Together we CAN make a difference! Let's get this transition moving!!


"Never doubt that a small group of concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has."

~ Margaret Mead



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