Vegemates: Connect - Trade - Share - Inspire - Create - Dream - Hope - Love

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Vegemates: Connect - Trade - Share - Inspire - Create - Dream - Hope - Love


Connect – Trade – Share – Inspire – Create – Dream – Hope – Love

Do you have excess produce, items or experience to share?  Do you want to help build a resilient community which operates more on goodwill and exchange, than dollars and petro-chemical hungry processes?

We talk to Fleur and Reuben from Vegemates about their website which is designed for just that purpose.

Tell us a little about what Vegemates is and how it works?

Vegemates is a social networking site where you can connect, trade and share.  Be it swapping home grown/home made or vintage goods, recipes, ideas, or inspiration, or just a general chat about creating a better world. We’re all about getting back to basics, growing your community and getting to know one another.

Vegemates - Chicken Yard

Can people from anywhere in Australia get involved?

People from anywhere in the world can be a Vegemate!  We are a global network, encouraging people to unite and expand their communities.

How long have you been running, and how many members do you currently have?

The idea came to us in August last year (2011) and we have been developing the site ever since.  It has really only been available to the public for a month; we currently have 91 members and counting!!

What inspired you to create Vegemates… how did it come about?  How does it fit in with your personal interest in sustainability etc?

Zucchini FlowerThis one’s an interesting story that you can read about in our latest blog
“Our Story” http://www.vegemates.co/category/vegemates/

Long story short, we were enjoying a ‘date night’ around our home made fire pit – we had just traded home laid eggs and zucchini’s fresh from the patch to our neighbour for his tomatoes and basil.  We were enjoying a lovely home made bruschetta and wine and we thought ‘how good is this?!”... no money exchanged hands and it felt like such a great connection we had made with our friend.  The more we thought about it, the more we loved it and we realized that there must be a way to let everyone share this feeling! 

Do you have any special or memorable occasions you would like to share from your time involved with Vegemates?

We are still growing but have since met many like minded and lovely individuals.  We look forward to hearing some interesting stories and friendships forged!

What are your hopes for the future of Vegemates… where do you see it in a few years time?

We just want people to connect and share and not be so reliant upon the convenience of the corporations that dictate the way we consume the Earth’s resources. 

We have big dreams for Vegemates!  We want to inspire and be inspired!!  We know it will take time to grow, but ideally we would love to hear stories from all around the world.

Anything else you would like to tell our readers?

  • Visit our website www.vegemates.co and join us! 

  • ‘Like’ our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vegemates/226165444122995

  • Tell a friend, tell them to tell a friend, and meet a new friend!

  • Create your own profile, tell us about yourself, your interests/hobbies and what’s important to you.  We have blog posts, live chat, hints, tips & more!

Connect – Trade – Share – Inspire – Create – Dream – Hope – Love

Vegemates Founders

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