Caroma 5 Star Water Saving Integrated Hand Basin Toilet Suite Profile 5 Deluxe

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Caroma  5 Star Water Saving Integrated Hand Basin Toilet Suite Profile 5 Deluxe


Caroma 5 Star Water Saving Integrated Hand Basin/Toilet Suite Profile 5 Deluxe

Earthwise Harmony talks to Dr Steve Cummings, Research & Development Manager at GWA Bathrooms & Kitchens about Caroma's water saving products.
November 2012

We all need and want to lessen how much water we use, both from a personal financial perspective and environmental concerns.  The Caroma Profile 5 Deluxe Integrated Hand Basin Toilet Suite can help significantly with water saving, reusing hand basin water as toilet flushing water by directing the used water from the hand basin into the toilet cistern, ready for your next flush.

Taking water saving innovation to a new level with integrated handbasin toilet suites

Dr Cummings, tell us about the water saving hand basin over toilet cistern unit- how did its design come about?

The Caroma Profile 5 Deluxe with Integrated Hand Basin is Australia’s first 5 star water saving toilet suite.

The Profile system was researched and progressively refined in collaboration with Brisbane City Council over a 10 year period.

As part of the product development process, prototype integral hand basin toilets were installed and trialled in multiple sites. During this process, the concept was perfected based on results and feedback from the trials.

The outcome was a viable water saving solution that is the logical choice when sustainability is the top priority.

This technology is also sold in North America where it won the Green Good Design Award ‘Product of the Year’ in 2011.

This award recognises the world’s most prominent manufacturers and designers for new visionary product concepts and inventions, and for pushing the boundary of what is considered ordinary product design.

Integrated hand basin Toilet system.

How does the Caroma Profile 5 Deluxe Integrated Hand Basin Toilet Suite work?

Integrated hand basin Toilet system Diagram

What happens when there isn't enough water generated by the hand basin for flushing or too much?

The flush cycle activation controls the flow of fresh water through the basin spout, allowing time for thorough hand washing while using the same used water to fill the cistern tank.

Further, an average person would wash their hands for up to 10 seconds, the water required to completely fill the cistern is approx 60 seconds (or 30 seconds for a half flush).

The water from the basin continues to flow from the spout until the cistern is full, and is ready for the next flush.

Does this unit have to be installed by a plumber or other installation specialist or can it be a do-it-yourself job?

The toilet suite is Watermark approved. Regulations in Australia require that a registered plumber must install the product.

The Caroma Profile 5 Deluxe Integrated Hand Basin Toilet Suite requires no additional installation beyond that of a regular toilet suite. It is suitable for both new and existing installations.

Does this unit suit any application or might there be circumstances where it isn't ideal?  And what considerations should people take into account before choosing to install this unit?

The suite is water efficient as well as space efficient, therefore, it is also ideal for powder rooms or compact spaces.

The toilet suite is suitable to operate with mains and rainwater supplies. But the use of recycled water is not recommended.

How much does the unit cost and what colours is it available in?

Caroma Profile 5 Deluxe Integrated Hand Basin Suite

■ Stylish close coupled toilet suite with Smartflush® technology (4.5/3L)

■ Integrated hand basin for enhanced water-saving

■ Space saving design

■ Chrome buttons built-in to tapware design

■ Available in white vitreous china only

■ Available in S and P trap installations

977785W S Trap  RRP $1147.00

977795W P Trap $1147.00

What other water saving products do you make?

There’s no doubt that saving water is a critical issue nationally. Consumers are definitely responding to using water efficient bathroom products. The recent drought, water shortages and government legislation on water usage have increased public awareness about water use and the importance of using sustainable products.

The future direction for products will be driven by consumers who are far more environmentally conscious about water and energy saving products. The rising cost of water is also having an impact on this market.

An example of another water saving product is the Caroma Flow shower incorporating superior technology, with a precision engineered nozzle. Generating consistent water flow quality at only 6.5 litres per minute, the highly efficient shower nozzle is engineered to deliver the same or better performance as a conventional shower (9 litres per minute) whilst saving on both water usage and hot water energy running costs.

Caroma also offers two water efficient urinal options to meet industry needs. The H2ZeroTM Cube Urinal using zero water is the ultimate in water-saving technology, perfect for environmentally sensitive projects and areas where water is scarce. Also the ultra-low flushing Cube 0.8L Smartflush® Urinal Suite with an impressive WELS 6 Star rating.

Where can people purchase Caroma products?

Caroma products are available Australia wide, visit www.caroma.com.au for a store locator
or call 13 14 16 for further information.

Carom integrated handbasin and cistern

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