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Greywater Systems


Greywater Systems

Water- a precious resource that should be conserved and reused where possible.  One of the best ways that we can reuse the water from our homes is by installing a greywater system, which channels water from areas such as the bathroom and laundry for use in our gardens.

Before we look at a commercial system, the following video is a fascinating look at a home done grey water system.  Worth watching if you would like some hints on doing this in your own garden.

Creating a Home Graywater System

We speak to Jonathan Berry from Eco Design Sustainable Housing for the inside information about the ECO Design Greywater Recycling System.

Tell us about the greywater systems you have.

We design and sell a simple gravity fed filtration and distribution system for domestic greywater reuse in un-sewered areas. It is used in conjunction with a composting toilet or septic tank for toilet waste only.  The greywater is distributed into up to three Land Application Areas (garden beds) located around and downhill from the kitchen, bathroom and laundry greywater sources. ($2310.00 GST included delivery and installation extra)

A complete (three greywater sources) system is available for complete greywater reuse or a partial system for either the kitchen, bathroom and laundry or combination of any two of those sources. (single source $770.00, two sources $1540.00 GST included delivery and installation extra)

We also supply a simple greywater diversion valve and flexible hose for installation in sewered areas. ($295.00 GST included delivery and installation extra)

Greywater System Domestic Schematic

What kind of set-up would you recommend for different situations?

In urban sewered areas simple greywater diversion valves with flexible hoses attached is a simple and cost effective way to reuse greywater for garden irrigation. Councils regulations prohibit the reuse of kitchen greywater in sewered areas. In rural un-sewered areas our system is the simplest and most cost effective system on the market in Australia.

How much water can a family save in a year using a greywater system?

All the greywater used can be reused for garden irrigation. The total amount of greywater reused depends on the habits of the individual but at 200 litres per day per person the yearly savings would be 73,000 litres per year or 292,000 litre for a family of four.

How much do the various set-ups cost?

Our greywater system costs $2310.00 (GSTincluded) for the system to reuse the total greywater volume.  Installation can be done in a day by a skilled handy-person or by the plumber of your choice.

Are replacement parts readily available?

Yes replacement parts are readily available. The ECO Design Greywater System does not have any moving part and is very robust and maintainable.

What considerations do people need to look at before deciding to install one of these systems and what are some of the pitfalls they should be aware of to avoid?

Our system is a simple greywater reuse system for garden irrigation. Council regulations require varied setback distances from property boundaries, building and watercourses.  Many of the systems on the market are complication waste treatment plants which require a quarterly maintenance contract. They are also costly to run using electricity and chemicals. It is important to check these details with any prospective product.

Greywater Aerobic Grease Filters

Can your systems be done as do-it-yourself projects, or do they need professional installation?

Yes our greywater system can be installed by a skilled handyperson, who can read a plan and follow written instructions, or by the plumber of your choice and depending on council regulations. Plumber’s installation cost will vary depending on the plumber but it should take no longer than a day depending on the specific installation.  

What regulations surrounding greywater systems do people have to be aware of and where can they go to find out more?

Your local council is in control of the various regulations on the installation of greywater systems. Our system is approved by the Queensland government as a greywater treatment system and incorrectly classified by New South Wales Health as a greywater diversion device.

Do you have any other products which have environmental benefits?

We are currently developing a range of fire resistant kit homes on conventional and octagonal designs.

Tell us a bit about your company and its environmental interests and concerns.

Environmental problems are, we believe, the product of poor design.  Innovation in all areas of product development with a view to product longevity and conservation of energy and water will slowly aid in the transition form the current situation into a sustainable future.

Gravity fed Greywater System

Where can people purchase your products?

We sell through our website www.greywater.com.au

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

Consumers have to be proactive to find the right products to use for their domestic water and energy systems.

GreyWater System Outlet

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