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Home Energy Monitors and Home Energy Audits


Home Energy Monitors and Energy Audits

Household energy use can account for a significant creation of greenhouse gases, as well as a burden on the family budget.

Home energy monitors can help you understand where your electricity (and money) is going and a professional audit can arm you with the knowledge to combat this environmental and monetary drain.

efergy products used to perform energy audits-Australian TV

Holly from Steplight takes us through how these things work, what they cost and what kind of product or service might suit your needs:

Tell us about your energy monitors and explain how they work.  

Watts Clever wireless energy monitors are educational tools which allow you to monitor your household electricity consumption.

Wireless energy monitors work by sensing the electricity consumption of your entire home. This is done by a current sensor clamp at your meter box which clamps around your main supply cable, or by an LED sensor at your smart meter. This signal is sent to a display which shows you how much electricity you are using (Watts) and how much it is costing you.

Plug in Power Meter

Image: Steplight Plug-in Appliance Meter

If you have more than one model, what different features do each have and what particular situations would you recommend each for?

Regular Wireless Energy Monitor EW4008
The Regular Energy Monitor will monitor your whole house energy use, and works with older style electricity meters.

Solar Wireless Energy Monitor EW4009
The Solar Energy Monitor allows you to monitor your solar power production and your household energy consumption. The solar monitor also allows you to see the approximate amount of power that you are exporting to the grid.

Smart Wireless Energy Monitor EW4030
The Smart Energy monitor will monitor your whole house energy use and works with a smart or digital electricity meter.

Building an energy monitor

How can these monitors be used to help lessen household energy use?

Many people are aware of the rising cost of electricity but have little understanding of energy consumption within their home.

The first step in reducing energy consumption is to create an awareness of your household energy use. When using an energy monitor the constant knowledge of your household energy use can motivate lasting changes in behaviour. A research paper by the University of Oxford found that savings from energy monitors average between 5 and 15%. IBM has shown that savings can be up to 40%.

Most households are not aware of how their behaviours are contributing to their electricity bill. An energy monitor will help to make this clear, and show the effect of any changes that are made. For example, when leaving your home or going to bed, what is the energy use displayed on the energy monitor? Is this energy use necessary? What is the effect of turning off lights and appliances when not in use?  

How much do they cost?

Wireless Energy Monitor EW4008 - $89.95
Solar Wireless Energy Monitor EW4009 - $149.95
Smart Energy Monitor EW4030 – $99.95

I understand you also do household energy audits.  What does this involve and how can it help people save electricity?

Yes, Steplight currently offers on-site home energy assessments and over-the-phone assessments. Energy assessments/audits help a household understand their current energy consumption, and identify the ways in which to significantly reduce energy consumption.

Over-the-Phone Assessment
Since 2008, Steplight has completed over 4,000 home energy assessments. This extensive experience allows us to confidently carry out over-the-phone assessments. These involve analysis of the household energy bill, a 45 minute consultation, and a follow-up written action plan.

In-Home Assessment
The in-home assessment involves analysis of the household energy bill, a 1.5 hour on-site inspection and consultation, and a follow-up written action plan.

The follow-up action plan from each type of audit details the steps to be taken which will lead to significant energy savings and also includes:

•    An outline of positive energy reduction steps already taken by your household.
•    Advice on further actions to reduce your energy consumption (both behaviour change and equipment
•    A NABERS star rating of your home (see how you compare to others).
•    An indication of typical energy usage in your state.
•    A list of available energy rebates and grants in your area.

How much does an energy audit cost?

Over-the-Phone Assessment: $149.00
In-Home Assessment: $349.00

Do you have any other products which have environmental benefits?

Plug-in Power meter - $24.95
The Plug-in Power meter accurately measures the energy use of individual appliances within your home. The plug-in power meter allows you to identify the big energy consumers within your home, and see how these appliances are contributing to your overall energy bill. Hungry appliances often include the fridge, pool pumps, and air-conditioners.  
The plug-in power meter is also an excellent tool for measuring standby loads. For example, it is surprising to see how much energy your TV or gaming consoles are using when they are not turned on.

Easy-Off Remote Control Sockets – Currently $29.95
Remote controlled power sockets gives a household full control over standby power usage. The ‘Easy-Off’ sockets allow you to turn all appliances off at once.
Energy savings are made by ensuring appliances and equipment are turned off when not in use, as standby power accounts for well over $100 per year on typical household electricity bills.

Tell us a bit about your company and its environmental interests and concerns.

Steplight helps communities reduce their ecological footprint. Steplight’s products and services are designed to help community members make changes that will reduce environmental impact and save money.

Where can people purchase your products and book your audits?

Both; our products and audits can be purchased/booked directly through our website:



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