Permaculture and Organic Gardening Courses

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Permaculture and Organic Gardening Courses


Permaculture and Organic Gardening Courses

The following places offer Permaculture Courses or various Organic Gardening Courses,  of varying length and complexity, from short courses and workshops, to degree courses.  Visit their websites and contact them for more details.

Regenerative Leadership Institute

FREE* Online Permaculture Design Course!

The self-paced course is based on the book 'Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual' by Bill Mollison and contains over 70 hours of content including informative videos.

Tutors: Larry Korn and other world class teachers.

  • Natural building construction
  • Pattern observation and site analysis
  • Renewable energy and appropriate technology
  • Reading the land and natural cycles
  • Rainwater harvesting and conservation
  • Soil regeneration and land restoration
  • Passive and active solar design
  • Food forests, trees, and garden design
  • Greywater considerations and system design
  • Business and financial permaculture
  • Waste recycling and treatment
  • Urban permaculture for sustainable cities
  • ...and much, much more!

According to their website: "This is the same permaculture design course curriculum that is taught for thousands of dollars around the world, now available to you without charge. Our goal is to take permaculture mainstream, which requires making the knowledge available to people around the world without barriers."

The funds to make this possible was obtained through crowd-source funding.

*The course is completely free, however if you want to get certified you need to pay a fee to take part in the examination and design project assessment process.  The fee is currently US$375. (February 2014)


The Food Forest Permaculture Farm and Learning Centre

Gawler, South Australia
10 day Permaculture Design Certificate course
Tutors: David Holmgren, David & Annemarie Brookman and other guests.
Also held is and Introduction to Permaculture course, and various other short courses.

Email: foodforest@bigpond.com

The Permaculture Research Institute of Australia

Most of the courses are held at Zaytuna Farm at The Channon, NSW, Australia, but some are in other locations, including overseas.

Various courses including Permaculture Design Certificate course, Permaculture Earthworks Course, Permaculture Urban Landscape Design, PDC Teacher Training Course, Compost Soil Biology Natural Fertilizer Course, Permaculture Project Aid Worker Course, plus internships.

Email: education@permaculture.org.au

Ten-week Internship Program, Permaculture Research Institute, Zaytuna Farm, NSW

Trinity College, Melbourne University

Permaculture Design Certificate course
Tutors: Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton
13 day course.
Amazing opportunity to learn from the pioneer of Permaculture (Bill Mollison) and another well known experienced permaculturist. (Geoff Lawton)

Email: sales@tagari.com

Permaculture College Australia

Djanbung Gardens, 74 Cecil St Nimbin, NSW

Email: admin@permaculture.com.au

Accredited Certificates and Dipomas.

Permaculture Design Course (PDC)

A variety of short courses.

Southern Permaculture Institute

Leongatha South, South Gippsland, Victoria
2 week Permaculture Design courses
Tutors: Rick and Naomi Coleman

Email: scpi@activ8.net.au

Nirvana Organic Farm

184 Longwood Rd, Heathfield, South Australia

Various one day Workshops including Introduction to Biodynamic Methods, Vegetables for your Table, Composting & Mulching, Introduction to Moon Planting and Using the Planting Calendar, Organic Fruits Nuts and Berries, Poultry Keeping, Weaving a Bit of Magic.

Email: nirvanafarm@gmail.com

Crystal Waters Permaculture Village

Crystal Waters, Kilcoy Lane, Conondale, Queensland
Permaculture Design course

Email: info@crystalwaterscollege.org.au

Milkwood Permaculture

Courses are held at either Milkwood Farm, Mudgee or Alexandria Park Community Centre, Alexandria NSW.

Various courses including Introduction to Permaculture, Permaculture Design Certificate, Permaculture Teacher Training, Natural Beekeeping, Aquaponics Workshop, Mushroom Workshop, Forest Garden Workshop, Organic Market Gardening, plus other workshops.     


The Permaculture Online International Institute

Online Permaculture courses including Permaculture Design Course, Introductory course and Refresher course.

Email: info@permaculturevisions.com

If you know of any other courses that we should include, or any corrections to the above, please contact us.

Please note that while we list these courses in good faith, we do not endorse, not guarantee, them and you should always make your own enquiries before entering into any business with a company.



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