21 Tips For Saving Water In Your Home

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21 Tips For Saving Water In Your Home


21 Tips For Saving Water In Your Home


Water, one of the most valuable resources on the planet, is under threat from contamination and careless use.  It's time we realised just how precious water is and what we as individuals can do to help preserve and protect it, for ourselves, and for generations to come.

The following are some tips to get you headed on the right path towards saving water at home. 

Not only will you save water, but money too!


Water conservation tips - How to conserve water at home

1. Know how much water you actually use in each activity.

Measure it by bucketing/jugging it out and recording what you used, rather than letting it out the plug hole, and by referring to user information for your appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines.  Having a good idea of just how much water you use, might help you work out where you can make the most impact.
save water


2. Fix all dripping taps! 

A surprisingly large amount of water can be lost over time from dripping and leaky taps.  Taps may need new washers, reseating, or even replacing.
save water


3. Install a dual flush toilet. 

A wonderful Aussie invention that saves many gallons of water a day when the half flush is used
save water


4. Install a hand-basin/toilet cistern combo, which uses water from hand-washing to fill the cistern, and in turn flush the toilet. save water



Caroma Profile Toilet with Integrated Hand Basin


5. Install low usage hand-basin taps, with aerators. save water


6. Install a low flow shower head.

Modern versions of these still give a good shower feel, but cut down the amount of water used to do so.
save water


7. For those in appropriate relationships, shower together and save! save water


8. Shave with a hand-basin of water, rather than in the shower. save water


9. Be conscious of how long you spend in the shower and try to cut back. save water


10. If you shower more than once a day... do you really need to? 

Or would once a day, with a freshen up at the hand-basin if needed be enough?
save water


11. In most cases, a shower will use less water than a bath. 

Try showering with the plug in to see if that's true for you.
save water


12. Don't run the tap while you brush your teeth- only turn it on when actually required, or fill a glass with water to use. save water


13. Same goes for hand-washing. 

Often it is more water-saving to put the plug in rather than just run the tap.  You also don't actually need the water running while you soap up and scrub.  Just wet your hands, soap/scrub and then turn the tap back on to rinse off.
save water


14. Buy water (and energy) saving appliances. 

Subsidies may be available, so check with your state government.
save water


15. Run a dishwasher only when full, or for lesser amounts if you have a model with a part load setting. save water


16. Most modern dishwashers don't require dishes to be pre-rinsed

Just give them a good scrape off first, and save on rinsing water.
save water


17. In many instances, a small amount of water in a sink is sufficient to wash your dishes, and a dishwasher is really an overkill- especially for just one or two people. save water


18. Washing machines should be run with full loads, or on small load settings. save water


19. Install a grey-water system

These can range from complex tank storage and treatment systems, grey-water piped to toilet cisterns,  to a simple hose from your washing machine into the garden.
save water



How to Install a Laundry to Landscape Greywater System



20. Install rainwater tanks and use where possible. 

Filtered rainwater is often drinkable, and rainwater can be piped to appliances etc. as well as for outdoor use.
save water


21. Learn to think and be aware... every time you go to turn on a tap, or otherwise use water, do so consciously and conservatively. save water

Check out our article on saving water in your garden and outdoors.

What other ways can you think of to save water?  Let us know so we can include your ideas!


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